Friday, January 13, 2012

One Little Corner

amelie escolheHappy 2012! I kind of made a resolution to not make resolutions this year. I want to write more, I want to read more, I want to go to yoga class on a regular basis, and enjoy time with my friends. But that's more of a continuation of this whole "new life" thing I started last year.

Today, my day could best be described as sweet. Not surfer dude/70's drug high, "sweeeet, man," but sweet. Like apples that you buy from a farmer's market in Union Square, or that feeling you get as you walk past your favorite place and notice snowflakes dancing in the air.

Sitting in my apartment earlier, I had one of those moments. I started reading a beautiful book just released by one of my favorite authors, and I glanced at the clock- three hours until I go to meet some friends at our diner. Our diner. I'm curled up on my parquet wood floor, bare feet happy to be free from the BizCas shoes I wore today. There is a small pile of clothes sitting next to my bed, but a larger pile of books next to it. Cars drive by under my window, sounding less like cars and more like the white wave noise of the ocean.

In July, I was a miserable wreck. There were unanswered questions in regards to the finances surrounding school, and I didn't want to face another year of my same existence. I'd had 18 years of a beautiful life, but 18 years is really a long time to live somewhere without experiencing something else once in awhile. One of my closest friends was (is!) a funny boy named Hayden, who lives in the far off land of California. He too was tired of his small town, and we shared a mutual fondness for Friends (the tv show,) Hot Tamales (the candy) and The Big Man Upstairs (You know, the God.) He has an eloquent (and newly redesigned!) blog called One Little Corner- the title taken from this song.

Throughout the summer, Hayden was one of the forces who kept me sane. He is one of my dearest friends, as is his fantastic girlfriend. Without God, I wouldn't be here, without my family and friends, I wouldn't be myself, and without Hayd, I wouldn't know that this happiness, this peace, this utterly content feeling would be called a corner. For the time being, in this fragile world, this corner is mine. Thanks, Hayd.