I am a daydreaming wanderer, learning how to fit an extraordinary faith in a life of easy monotony. It is so simple for me to put no work into my faith, and yet be disappointed in my lack of growth.

I moved to New York in 2011 for college, but decided it wasn't for me. HOWEVER, I stuck around in New York, because of my fantastic friends, and community at Liberty Church. I believe I am called into ministry, and plan to attend Bible college- at some point. There are things I have to learn here and now, and I'm in no rush.

At the moment, I live just outside of the city, make coffee for coffee money, and can typically be found lost in a blog or a book store. Life is a journey and I hope you'll join me for the ride.

Atmospheric Leap is a personal blog specifically about my life, and what's happening in my universe.
I have a second blog called Graceland, geared more towards my bumbling, humbling journey of faith. You can read that blog HERE.