Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To begin again.

This post is long overdue, though with good reason. (promise)

So much has happened since September. In August, my mom and aunt visited me in Bronxville, and I tried to walk them to death. They survived, though not without a few blisters, I'm sure. 

As we were in Grand Central, ready to head back to the airport, I received that magical "we would be pleased to offer you a position..." phone call. I cried, no shame.

I packed up my space in Bronxville over the following 10 days, and was completely moved out by the 12th. Bright and early on September 13th, I began training for my new job. I couchhopped a bit, eventually landing at a friend's apartment in Brooklyn.

A friend from church forwarded me a room listing that seemed almost too good to be true; a beautiful pre-war apartment in quite possibly my favorite neighborhood. I visited the apartment, met my roommate and heard back within days. There can be no other explanation than the full orchestration of God. I live near a cafe and wine bar, an Indian restaurant, an Ethiopian restaurant, and a teeny tiny 24 hour market with a really good chocolate selection. I'm in heaven.

On October 13th, I turned 21. I celebrated with friends over dinner and cupcakes, and went to a charming Steampunk themed bar in Brooklyn. I celebrated later that day with more cupcakes and can say with much confidence that this has been my favorite birthday in New York so far.

 Six days later, I was on a plane to Myrtle Beach, where I celebrated and vacationed with my family. We walked on the beach, and I beat them at cards, and my dad made pumpkin pie cheesecake. 

My life is so different than it was mere months ago, even a year ago. I feel almost like a different person. This new season is rich with strong friendships that just needed some time, and I'm healthier in spirit and emotion. I'm still asked about Australia and Bible college, and my answer is much the same: I am very clearly supposed to be in New York right now. I don't know when Bible college will happen, though I believe it is certainly a part of my future.

My church is growing in leaps and heaps and I am excited to be a part of all that God is doing. Our tight knit family is growing to Brooklyn and London and Zimbabwe. We are reaching deeper into the heart of God to see what compassion looks like, and we are making differences. We are inviting people to kneel alongside us as we ask for wholeness, peace, and restoration. I recently handed over my leadership role of our guest lounge to a dear friend, who is bringing new life and a vibrant spirit to the team I love so dearly. I've been in charge of the lounge for over two years... It's been the single most consistent part of my life since I moved to New York in 2011. I'm still as involved as ever, but taking a break from leadership to serve and renew, and prepare to step up as our growing community expands.

Everything in my life right now is a new season. New friendships, new roommates, new apartment, new job, new role at church; it can be overwhelming. However there is peace in the new. I can say with absolute confidence that I am glad that I stayed put. I am in a season of rest that I have not had in quite awhile. My world is stable. I can see my family more often, I can sleep easy, and I can dream. Dream about the future, dream about what 2014 will bring (let me tell you: big things).

My plan is to write more, to listen eagerly, and to learn to rest. I have a feeling it can only get busier from here.