Monday, January 7, 2013


2012 for me was a year of incredible change. I launched into full-blown adulthood (as much as one can, really) and I moved around New York SIX TIMES. I also learned to listen. God is so good, so full of grace, that His words are like a beautiful song. Listening to God for me, meant opening myself up to plans that are not my own. I am learning to accept God's timing, because he loves me so dearly. His plans are always better than my own. I would sell myself short if I only went by what I thought was okay or appropriate.

My plan was a small college in Virginia. God's plan was a small college in the heart of Manhattan.
My plan was a career in publishing. God's plan is a life of serving, wherever that may lead; that I might help others know the fullness and plan for their lives, written by the creator of the universe.

When I think small, God thinks big. When I see impossible, God blows my mind. When I am scared, I cry to our Father who is kind and holds me, reassuring me that my future is great and extensive, and only beginning.

It is easy for me to take credit for God's work, and yet it is equally easy for me to take on the feeling of loss, blame or failure if something doesn't work out according to my idea. God has never failed me, though I, in my own decisions and my own small mindset have let myself down. Point is, I have pride in who I am supposed to be, somehow believing that I play a larger part in my life, than willing follower of the plan that God has for me.

Moving to Australia isn't a cheap trip. It's costly, and a little complicated, and yet I know that it is a part of my future. I cannot provide the excess for myself. I can, however, open myself up, and allow God to work. I have a Paypal button at the end of this post, and on the top corner of my blog. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. Have enough frequent flier miles for a one-way trip to Sydney? I'm your girl. And if you can't contribute financially, hug your family, and pray that I continue to grow in this journey.

Thank you all for your support and prayers thus far. I look forward to the future with you all.