Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coming at you LIVE- from... Well...

Guess who has two thumbs and will be in North Carolina in about 12 hours? This gal! ;) I'm heading back to see my family for a few days... Going to the beach, and enjoying the mountains, before I hike back up to this crazy city, write three books, and move around the world in February.

Yep. February.

I'm [planning on] moving to Sydney in February instead of July, in order to help plant a church with my pastors here in New York. I'm really excited, and will never say no to travel.

I've lived in New York for a year, now. Every day, the skyscrapers still make me smile, and I know that I'm a city girl at heart. The journey from North Carolina to New York (and the stops along the way) sometimes feels like it took forever, and yet I can remember sitting on my bed at home, looking out my window at the trees and my bags, packed on the floor, desperately wanting to cancel the whole thing. Call school, tell them I'm not coming after all, give my scholarship money to someone else.

But I didn't. I leaped, not sure how my landing would be, and I'm better for it. I'm sure that I will have the same feelings next year when I move even farther away than New York, but I'm going to cross that ocean when I come to it. Literally. For now, it's just me on my computer, typing away, drinking too much caffeine, and daydreaming.

Gotta go pack.