Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LiveBlog! Hurricane Sandy.

7:15 pm, 10/29 My life is pretty much shut down for the next few days, but I’m okay, and still have power (and internet!) so I’m not doing badly. Time to watch some musicals, and call my friends in less damp places. Stay warm, and dry, everyone! Be safe!

7:24 pm, 10/29 The building that collapsed on 14th and 8th is 19 miles away. I'm good.

7:35 pm, 10/29  

7:48 pm, 10/29 Hurricane anthem!

9:50 pm, 10/29 Watching Yentl and knitting. As one does.

11:19 pm, 10/29 Finished Yentl, talked with mom on the phone... Something she mentioned was how cold it is in North Carolina; it's actually in the 60's here, so power outages would be inconvenient, although it's not as though we're in a blizzard. Staying warm isn't as much of an issue, thank goodness. Most of Manhattan is out of power, but everyone I keep hearing from is doing fine, even those without power, throughout Brooklyn, SI, the Bronx and Queens. The real problem is that the power went out at NYU's hospital, and their backup generators are down as well. Keep them in your prayers. Wind and rain have mostly died down here, and supposedly it's quieted down on the Upper East Side as well.

5:30 am, 10/30 The problem with this hurricane is that it's letting me be nocturnal, which I love. Yesterday I slept in until the afternoon, (had been up until 4am) and I have the next few days off from work. PLUS, (Sandy Bonus!) All public transportation has been shut down, so I'm not going anywhere. Therefore, I can pretty much be nocturnal until Thursday. It's going to be an icky habit to get out of later, but hey. I'm having fun while I can!