Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello Irene! PLUS: Apartment tour.

It's one week to the day from when I moved into school, and yet it feels like SO MUCH LONGER. (In a good way) We've already survived an earthquake, and today are underway to prep for hurricane Irene.

To those worrying, I am perfectly fine, and my roommates are fine, as well as all of my friends... Our school has been GREAT about keeping us updated and informed, and we have people constantly checking in to make sure we're doing okay, and have everything we need.

The lovely residents of apartment 8N also happen to be hosting some of the boys from Brooklyn (their building was evacuated) so this weekend should be fun. We have two couches and a reasonable amount of floor space.

I haven't really posted this week because we've been SO busy.  But I have been informed by a top secret informant that several of you are living vicariously through my updates and posts, so think of this post as being especially for YOU. :)

Saturday was move in, nothing super spectacular. On Sunday, I went to church with my house (basically my sorority), to Liberty Church, where I've chosen to attend regularly. :) (Major bonus points for Liberty- they meet in the Tribeca Film Festival theater. YEAH. I know.)

Monday, we went on a Circle Line boat cruise around the five boroughs. I met some really awesome people, and took quite a few pictures, too...

Yes, it was a GORGEOUS day. After the cruise, I went with my house to Shake Shack.

Tuesday we had the Great Race, a cross-city, inter house strategy competition which I might go into later. Out of ten houses, my house came in 3rd!

Finally, Wednesday, we started classes. After meeting my professors, I can say with confidence that I'm going to LOVE this semester. :)

But I know why you're REALLY here... You want to see my APARTMENT! It's still a work in progress, we're still unpacking and adjusting, and finding more things to decorate with, but this is where I live!

I'll try and post more soon, as things happen. Hope you all stay safe!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reflecting light.

    New York is home to me. I remember walking off of the plane at LaGuardia when I visited this March, and knowing that I was "here." My college journey is a bit unique, in that I'm moving to the place that I see myself living, for as long as I can see. I can't say that I WILL stay, but my heart is there. For the longest time, I didn't quite know where my hear was. But now I know, and sometimes the distance from here to there is a bit much to swallow.

Right now, I'm learning to say goodbye. I leave town on August 19th. I leave ONE FREAKING WEEK from today. That's seven days to clean my room and pack up 18 years. This world is all that I've ever known; my parents brought me home to this house, to this pink bedroom. I haven't cried yet, but I know that it's coming, for sure. Things are changing, and changing for good. I'm not leaving town for the summer to work at a grocery store, I'm not writing a novel, I'm not traveling to campaign for someone, or see an old friend... I'm moving into my life. I'm moving into an apartment with two completely lovely roommates, and I can't run home to see my mom for the weekend. I'm excited- Oh, SOO excited. But this is big. I know that while this transition is going smoothly now, it will have some bumps.

one week left.