Thursday, July 26, 2012

Seasons of love.

Last season, my life was a bit different. I had everything that I needed, and more; my reliance on God was for my emotional stability, and direction towards the future.

 It’s funny how we take so much for granted. 

I’m in a phase in my life right now where my reliance on God has become pretty... overwhelming. My reliance has gone from the emotional, to the emotional and the physical, and I am gently reminded that I only like to pretend that I have everything together. As my mom put it, “God works things out in the nick of time- not necessarily when we want, but definitely when we need.”

Faith in action is believing that God will provide for you, say- something like an apartment, and trusting that you will have a place to sleep at night. This doesn’t mean that freak-outs won’t happen, (you ARE human, after all) but in that last hour, right as your heart is beating and you’re unsure that something will work out, and you can only be on the floor in front of God, giving up all control, he flips the switch and there’s an apartment available TODAY, 10 blocks from where you’re currently crashing, and- yeah, God is good.

Faith is knowing that God is good even when things look hopeless. God did not provide for me because I said my prayers the right way or because I didn't curse or I paid my tithe on time- God provided for me because he loves me. That’s how I believe this thing works... God created the world out of love, and yeah- I don’t have the answers to why bad things happen to good people, or why there is hunger and poverty in the world, but I know that it’s my duty to help if I can, and sometimes even if I can’t. Because that’s what Jesus would do, and he was a pretty good guy.

I live in a chaotic world, interwoven with grace, and am constantly reminded that God is good, even when it doesn't look that way.

I am loved.