Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer is hot.

I spend my days in a refrigerated Starbucks, or in front of a fan. I have a slight obsession with Blood Orange sorbet, and Brussels cookies from Pepperidge Farms. In the heat, the chocolate melts and gets all over my fingertips. I have daydreams of going vegan while eating goat cheese and crackers.

I sometimes get tired of feeling like I'm in an uphill battle in my life, and so I sit in front of a fan and watch an entire season of Best Ink on Oxygen because, "Hey, day off!" and "Hey, cable!" and "Hey, marathon!" I don't even really like tattoos, but now I kind of want one.

I believe in vacations. I believe in cold brewed iced coffees, and staying in your pajamas all day. I believe in staying up late, and bubble baths, I believe in sunshine, and sunsets, I believe in glittery nail polish, and I believe in deep rest.

So how was your Thursday?