Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life In Pink.

It’s been kind of a weird month. Not necessarily bad, but different. Strange.

God has tested and pressed and spoken to me in ways I could not have imagined, dared, or dreamed. A friend of mine has gone through a pretty tough situation in his personal life; through him, God has shown me an example of true love and forgiveness that astonishes me and takes away my word-making abilities.

I got to see my brother in Boston (very) briefly, and that was a long, however lovely day. I haven’t seen him since December, and he’s so much taller! He’s now pushing 6’1, leaving my 5’3 down here in the dust, almost a foot away. I love that my brother and I like each other. (mostly)

If A turns into B, and C happens, D will be my next great adventure- involving moving closer to Manhattan again, which would mean even further changes. I’ve been praying about leading a community group at church, and with a new season and new location, I might finally focus on that novel/memoir/nonprofit I’ve been daydreaming about. I know the first step towards getting anything done is just to do it, but I haven’t had a lot of mental or emotional energy to spare as of late.

That’s pretty much where I’m at. Haven’t slept much this month, sometimes I get frustrated with my situation and my location and job, then I walk past a restaurant playing Edith Piaf's La Vie En Rose, harmonized by murmurs and the gentle clinks of wineglasses. I breathe in, and remember there is so much more ahead that the here and now.

 I can look back on this year and clearly see how I've grown. I’m grateful for that progress, even though I didn’t always like the process. Today, I’m looking forward, into this new season, eyes on the ground*, head in the clouds, nose in a book, heart chillin with God, ready for whatever comes next.

Dear August: Wow me.

P.S. IF you want to read some more of my stuff, check out Graceland. I’m doing a super fun series called Dirty Laundry.

*That’s what we do here. Eyes on the ground, and if anything happens on the (subway) train, IGNORE IT.