Friday, May 31, 2013

Open Hands

Summer has set in up here in New York. Lines at Starbucks stretch out the door, and recent 90 degree temperatures threaten sanity.

While equally hot, my life a year ago was so different. I'm now in a place of stability and security, where a year ago, it sometimes felt like I was barely hanging on. I live in a tiny town just outside the city, with three babysitting jobs and as many hours as I want at Starbucks. I am connected closely with my church, and my friendships have matured... Namely, we're all counting the days until I'm 21, and can go to karaoke night at this super cool Dr. Who themed bar.

I'm learning to keep my eyes open to possibility, and being flexible enough to be obedient to God, even if I don't see the point.

Something that has been echoing in my mind lately, (and following me wherever I go) is that God trusts us with greater and greater things, but that we should never scoff at the small.

At this moment in time, my plan to go to Australia stands as a question of obedience. When I was handed something that seemed impossible, would I balk at the challenge, believing God not capable, or would I trust in what I heard, and believe that God would never let me fall?

I definitely learned quite a bit about myself, not limited to the awareness that I care too much about what others think of me. Guess what? I'm not in Australia right now. Guess what? I'm perfectly fine. In fact, opportunity has opened like a flower in front of me. I am protected, and I am surrounded by intention.

God is good.